Somebody Vs. Nobody


A young friend of mine wrote this on her blog and It contains so much wisdom of the ages that I just have to re-post it for you all to read.
Thank you, Ellie!

ellie shackelford

A paper I wrote for my sophomore English class in the second semester:
If you’re reading any media aimed at teenagers, what is one piece of advice that is sure to be squished in somewhere? “Be yourself.” This seems like pretty solid advice, but the problem is that at this age of maturity, nobody knows what being his or herself even is. I certainly don’t. We have slivers of ideas of what ourselves are, some contradicting themselves, some short-lived, some spot-on. How is “be yourself” good advice?
Certainly “be yourself” assumes that I am somebody.
As people, we have a natural sense to be known by others, to be “somebody” to others. People think that doing something will get them something in return, sometimes, an identity. We are known for what we do: a teacher teaches, a mathematician does math, a writer writes, an artist makes art, a liar lies…

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If you could just understand
how much I really do love you
Then I think you’d never
feel unloved again.

If I could reach out and touch you
Across the miles that divide us
I’m sure you would
never feel lonely again

Because I’m your friend
No matter what life may bring
No matter what storms may rage
I’ll always be here for you

You put your smile on and say that you’re fine
But I know that there’s sadness you’re hiding inside.
How I wish you’d admit that you’re hurting
and let me hold you.

Because I’m you’re friend
No matter what storms may rage
No matter what hurt you hold
I’ll always love you

You put on your brave smile
because you’re who they’re counting on
You rush and you work and you fight ’til you can’t go on
You say Easy Breezy but I know there’s a struggle inside

‘Cause I’m your friend,
No matter what storms may rage
No matter what lies ahead
I’ll always be her for you.

So when you feel you’re drowning
and can’t go on
Please reach up and grab my hand–
I’m reaching for you.

Please know this: I know that you love me too
You think you’re protecting me when you go inside you.
Come back soon. I need you to know that I need you too
When you hide from me, I am weeping for you.

I’m your friend
No matter what storms may rage
No matter what fear is inside
I’ll fight them with you

So fight! climb up! And when it is hard to do–
You must know I’m fighting here on your side
I know all the good in you and
I’ll ALWAYS love you
Cause you are my friend
I’ll always love you
No matter what storms may rage
I’ll always love you.

About the song:
In Grandma’s day, too often, people hid depression, bi-polar, and other mental illness the best they could. Many today still do. But one thing that I learned from Grandma is that loyalty is prized in a friend and love is the strongest force on Earth. This song is dedicated to my friends who have ever felt alone, who have struggled with depression, anxiety, mental illness, shame or guilt or anything that they felt they had to hold inside. I’m here for you. I’ll be your listening ear, your shoulder to lean on, cry on, or your hand to hold. Because you are my friend and I am your friend and I will always love you.

Copyright Angel Haggar August 31, 2014
This song may be shared ONLY on this original blog page unless specific, authentic permission is granted in writing by the author.