Eyes of Love


if ever i beheld such eyes of love,
upon my life, i swear i see them now
my lover’s heart is purer than the dove
his kisses are like sweet wine o! and how

his touch upon my face as we alone
now dance beneath the stars that light the earth
delights me, truer love i have not known
and in him, i have realized new bright

for every love before this blessed night
had left regret and deepest sorrow sown
my new love dressed in heaven’s purest light
is sweeter than the fairest rose bloom grown

my love now hear my promise fair and pure
so shall our love forever more be true
and when the mountain fail to endure
my love will cover you like morning dew

This is a poem I wrote in 1998. I was so in love. But things got really ugly between us and we broke up after 3 years. I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else then. Now, I’m much happier and have a stable, wonderful husband…Oh, how time changes us…