Easiest beer bread recipe EVER


Ahh, beer! There’s so much to love about beer: drinking it, making beer battered fish, beer can chicken, beer goggles (ok, those have a downside, I suppose), and one of my favorites, beer bread.

Have you ever been suckered into purchasing a beer bread package from one of those home tasting parties? Don’t get me wrong…I think they have good products, but I also think you should save your money for something they have that isn’t as simple as 1-2-3.

When I told my friend and fellow writer, Jeff Roush, that I thought beer might be my topic tonight because beer is just wonderful like that, he replied, “Good call! I agree: beer and its wonderful, versatile beerness” is a great topic. He has a delightful way of overstating the obvious.

Overstating the obvious can be fun and, since it’s free, a little excess won’t hurt–but paying extra for simplicity seems ridiculous to this down-to-earth Angel.

Here is my Grandma Tylutki’s recipe that she passed down to my mom to me. Ready? It’s unbelievably easy. Put some real butter on it while it’s still warm and pair it with a nice soup and you have simple, beautiful comfort food.

Beer Bread

3 c self-rising flour
3 T sugar
1 room temperature beer

Mix well. Use spatula to scrape into greased and floured bread pan.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 1 hour. Remove from oven, cool on wire rack. Slice. Serve. Serve with more beer if you like.

That’s it. Isn’t that amazingly easy? Do you really want to spend $6 PLUS shipping, PLUS around a dollar for a beer? No, you do not. You read http://www.downtoearthangel.com so that means you like doing some things the old-fashioned way AND you like being frugal. It also means you are too smart to ever pay $7 or more for a loaf of beer bread that you still have to bake yourself and then wash the dishes!

Just in case you need some numbers to convince you of the super-duper frugality of this recipe, let’s hash it out:

A 5 lb bag of self rising flour is going to cost you somewhere between $3.00 at Walmart and $8.00 for Bob’s Red Mill. Let’s call it $5 for simple math. That will give you about 15 cups of flour. That’s enough for 5 loaves of beer bread. Your 3 cups per loaf cost $1. A beer costs about $1. An extra beer to drink while making it is another $1. But make sure that one is cold. Warm beer is good for bread, not for drinking, in my opinion. And 3 T of sugar is practically free. You can even “borrow” 9 sugar packets from the coffee shop if you’re really, really cheap.

And let’s not forget how your friends will just gasp with delight when they hear that you’ve made the bread yourself–no, not with a mix–a friend’s old family recipe. Yes, that’s right, a friend’s old family recipe, from scratch. Yup. You just scored major kitchen points, my friend, and all for about TWO BUCKS! You can spend the rest of what you would have paid for the mix on, wait for it…BEER!

You’re welcome.