Not a Knight


You were not a knight in shining armor
I was not a captive princess
You did not rescue me from wickedness
I did not wear one glass slipper

Fairy tales and happily e’er after
Cannot be the reality
I know. I watched for them from my window
When I looked up from my Snow White

I am not as naive as I once was
But I am not jaded. I love you
More than a feeling, Love is a knowing
A fact, and yet, a dream come true

After the illusion of perfection
After we began to see faults
We still love each other better than before
Even if mice can’t be horses

There is so much more than romance
So much more than passion
Laughter, dancing, children, even bills
You are my perfect companion

While some will spend years wondering
Where is happily ever after?
My love for you is abiding
Better than a fairy tale


4 thoughts on “Not a Knight

    • Thank you, Karen!
      You watched me learn a lot about love as we were growing up. It took a long time to be grown-up about it, for me. LOL. I was just looking over some diaries from high school. Yikes. I am happy that I really started to figure it all out after a while. There’s still more to learn, I’m sure. But at least I know I’m on the right path and with the right person. You are too. S. is a fantastic husband and father.


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