random thoughts and good advice


Me:  What is it that I really want? Are there new houses on Realtor.com? How many people like my blog? Maybe I should try a new recipe for dinner tonight. What dress should I wear to church tomorrow? Ugh, I don’t want to mop the kitchen floor AGAIN! I don’t want to put away all those clothes. I washed them, I dried them, I folded them and I’m still not done. It’s Labor Day weekend. I should be having fun. But I need to clean. Blah. OMG?! How much time am I wasting thinking about random, stupid stuff and playing words with friends and checking to see if anyone commented on my blog? Why can’t I seem to keep a clean house?

What I imagine my mother would say: Get off your ass. Your arms work. Your legs work. Go wash your windows and clean your house! Put away the laundry. Quit worrying and just work. If you get your work done now, you can relax tomorrow and Monday. You think too much. Work more. Or think while you work, but work! For crying out loud!

Me:  Oh, OK.