Every Blade of Grass


Every blade of grass knows that something isn’t right
And every blade of grass knows I’m missing you tonight
The trees wave in their sympathy
The birds sing, but it seems so sad to me
The flowers are all in bloom, but my heart’s an empty room
Because I’m all alone. This place can’t be a home without you here.

Every spider’s web will show a veil of tears I’ve shed
When the morning sun rises above
As the river flows, silently it goes
And I speak a word and hope it reaches you.
As I look around me, the stars shine bright above,
If only you were here, I’d share this precious love

Every blade of grass knows that something isn’t right.
Every blade of grass knows I’m missing you tonight.

copyright 1997 Angel Stoner


I wish I had some wisdom to share about diligence and discipline. My grandparents had it. I lack it–terribly. I told myself I would write every day–or at least a few times a week for 3 months on this blog. After all, if I want to be a professional writer, I have to be able to meet deadlines and everything…and life has been crazy and I’ve been working a lot–and I let that stand in the way of going after my writing dreams. Well, here I am, saying I am going to make a better effort to post something several times a week if not every day. Even if it’s a song/poem I wrote in 1997, like this one. But I like it. Do you?


2 thoughts on “Every Blade of Grass

  1. Karen D

    I enjoyed this–there’s no expiration date on good writing! The “every blade of grass” lines are striking. Please don’t be too tough on yourself when it comes to a writing schedule. There is a season for everything. You will write more frequently as the kids become more independent. Do not give up on your dream, but let it unfold in its own time. Love ya!!!!


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