I just ate WHAT?!


One of the most important things we can glean from the past is eating close to nature. I highly recommend the book NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon. Go to http://smile.amazon.com and type in the title. Will someone teach me how to embed a link with a cute little title? Seriously. Anyway, this book has really become a food bible of sorts for our family.

In order to eat close to nature, we really need to go before our grandparents (unless they only ate what they grew on their farms and didn’t use all the fancy pesticides available like DDT) and closer to our great-grandparents’ generation and farther, because the food industry has been royally screwing up our food for a long time.
I cook a lot of natural and organic food from scratch but I know that this is not always an option for my readers. It’s not even always an option for me with four hungry kids in the car going from school to work to soccer practice and chess club and the chiropractor and what-not. So, we have to eat conveniently sometimes. I won’t shame you for giving your kids McDonald’s for a treat. Most of us do from time to time, but the more I learn, the less often I give in to the fast-food frenzy and the more I tend to plan ahead for healthy meals and snacks on the go. I don’t like asking the title question.

BUT…what if the food from our fast-food restaurants and convenience stores could be healthy? Well, there is a woman named Vani (aka FoodBabe) and she is working to create a world with safer food. Here’s a link to one of her latest posts.

You’ll Never Guess What’s In A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Hint: You Won’t Be Happy.

It’s a good read and you can follow her to join us in the movement to put pressure on Big Food to clean up their act! It’s working 🙂


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